Effective September 1, 2019 a convenience fee for processing debit card payments will be applied to your payment and paid directly to REPAY.  If you prefer to avoid this convenience fee, you may pay directly at your local branch or mail a check to your local branch.  Find your local branch HERE.

Online Payment Disclosure for Debit Card Payments

I hereby authorize National Finance Company, Inc. (hereinafter “NFC”) to electronically debit my bank account associated with the account number designated on the Secure Payment Form that follows (and if necessary, to electronically credit my account to correct erroneous debits), in order to make a payment on my NFC loan as specified on the Secure Payment Form.

I understand that the following terms apply to this authorization:

  • My bank account will be debited (charged) for the payment amount specified on the Secure Payment Form, and funds will be credited (applied) to my NFC loan.
  • I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to insure that sufficient funds are available on deposit in my account at my financial institution to make the payment as scheduled.  In the event that sufficient funds are not available in my bank account and the entry is returned, the amount of the payment will be charged back to my account along with a $35 insufficient funds fee for NC customers and a $30 fee for SC customers, AND if I do not successfully resubmit my payment by my due date the following late fee will be charged to my account:
    • For NC customers a late fee of $15 will be added to my account.
    • For SC customers a late fee equal to 5% of the payment amount or $18.50, whichever is less, will be added to my account if my payment is not made in full within ten (10) days after it is due.
  • If I make my payment on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday, my transaction will be posted to my NFC loan account the next business day, but may be drafted from my bank account on the same day or sooner than the payment is posted to my loan account.
  • I understand that payments will take 2-3 business days for NFC to process and will not be posted to my NFC loan until processing is complete.  I understand if I want my payment to be posted to my loan on the same business day I must make a payment in person or call the NFC office that handles my loan and submit a payment over the phone. 
  • NFC is relying on the information I entered on the payment form.  If the information is incorrect, the debit to my bank account may be returned, which could result in my payment being late.
  • I understand that this authorization is valid for a single transaction only. I understand that if I wish to make a future payment on my loan account I must complete this authorization process each time. I understand that NFC will not retain and store the account data I input above.
  • To cancel this payment I understand that I must contact NFC’s home office by 4 pm of the same business day. I can also stop payment by notifying the financial institution that holds the account from which my payment will be debited.
  • If any payment is rejected or is reversed for any reason, that payment will be reversed on my loan and I will be responsible for making payment to NFC separately.
  • I understand that this electronic payment transaction must comply with all applicable law.